DIY Under Bed Storage

When the closets are packed full, and the garage has no more free space, one of the best places you can go is down under! Under the bed, that is. These DIY under bed storage ideas are not only smart organizing, but they are also budget friendly too. And let’s be real for a second… when you are working on a budget to decorate your home, nothing throws shade on all your efforts more than a bunch of clutter! So let’s clean it up and get it put away.

‘The Happy Housie‘ has this tutorial for their Lego DIY storage cart, above,  that slides right under the bed. If you have ever stepped on a Lego creation at 2 o’clock in the morning, you know the importance of a place to put all the pieces!

DIY under bed storage-2


Need an easy one for the grown ups? From ‘BHG‘, use old drawers to put a little under bed storage space to use. Add knobs and wheels, and there you go!

DIY under bed storage-3


Love IKEA? Yep, us too. ‘Oh Yes‘ has a great tutorial for you of their DIY storage platform bed made from IKEA kitchen cabinets. Drawings and plans along with the instructions so you can fully understand this DIY under bed storage project. Also see this project in our round up of DIY Storage Bed Tutorials!

DIY under bed storage-4


Another Ikea storage hack from ‘Wohnidee‘, using Ekby Alex drawers – then just add caster wheels, create bedroom storage!

DIY under bed storage-5


This lazy susan under bed storage project from ‘DIY Network‘ comes to you with a complete video tutorial. What a great use of wasted space in the bedroom! Especially nice when the bed is pushed against the wall and you can only access it from one side.

DIY under bed storage-6


This amazing under bed storage project is from Jaime at ‘That’s My Letter‘. She made these DIY storage bins to go under her girls’ bunk beds. Complete tutorial and lots of photos.

DIY Under Bed Storage


From ‘The Outlet‘, this under bed storage idea isn’t a tutorial, but here is our take on it. Use those round concrete forms from the home improvement store as cubbies under the bed! Loving this idea! They are really sturdy and have a modern shape thats a lot of fun.

DIY under bed storage-7


Build this farmhouse bed with drawers with the free plans from ‘Ana White‘. This is not a small project folks, but still, totally worth it! Not only will this bed frame last to be passed down, it will be really useful for storage as well.

DIY under bed storage-8


Another Ikea hack from… yep, ‘IkeaHackers‘! They used two small twin size bed frames inside a super king to maximize the space underneath this low bed. Genius!

DIY under bed storage-9


Courtney from ‘Always Rooney‘ shows us how she made her own bed, and then used wire baskets to make DIY under bed storage. This is a two parter, so don’t miss her link for part one!

DIY under bed storage-10


Finally, from ‘Her Campus‘, one of those crazy college kid ideas. Ok, this one may be worth some of the money their parents are spending on their education. Now while you may not build a bed frame tall enough to shove that many plastic storage bins under, any home decor store (even Target) sells bed risers to raise the height of your bed posts. Voila. Extra room under the bed!DIY under bed storage-12

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